“Winter, a lingering season, is a time to gather golden moments, embark upon a sentimental journey, and enjoy every idle hour.”
– unknown

Hi friends, welcome to the second installment of my newsletter, The Gardener’s Glove. As we move through wintertime, I felt it was appropriate to focus on reflection. Winter is an ideal season to pause and spend quiet time reflecting on what we want to leave behind and what we want to carry forward; it’s a time to settle in and cast visions for our career path and life goals.

Winter is a season of slowing down, noticing the stillness, and finding joy in quiet moments. It’s a time to let go… a time to create space.

To kickstart 2021 on the right foot, I’ve been playing around with this idea of reflecting to create space — clearing the clutter from my mental, physical, and digital areas. Throughout this process, I have to say I feel considerably lighter and noticeably happier. Unquestionably so. And one of the exercises that has made a tremendous impact is visualization. Here’s how: Picture yourself one year from now and reflect on these key questions as you look back on your year:

  • What do you want to remember about your year?
  • What happened of significance over the last year?
  • What do you want to look back on and celebrate?
  • What have you accomplished, created, become?

How often do you stop and reflect on who you are and what you want in your career?

Most likely, not nearly enough or vaguely at best. This is precisely why reflection is a critical component in my signature coaching partnership — From Fried to Flourishing. Uncovering themes and discovering your unique characteristics is vital when initiating a personalized + purposeful job search.

Because the thing is, you deserve to enjoy a happy + healthy career for a long time to come. So, what are you waiting for? It’s time to transform your dreams into decisions and make them your reality — because you are worth it.

This winter, I invite you to settle in, find joy in reflection, let go and stay well — the best is yet to come.

Cue the confetti!

Forgive me if I brag about my clients a bit, but over the last two months, NINE clients received job offers! Yes, it’s true! Contrary to many news reports, people are successfully changing careers and landing new jobs.

When reflecting on the common threads that supported their success, these FOUR things come to mind.

  • They reflected on EXACTLY what they want in their next best role and company
  • They defined and showcased their unique career brand consistently across platforms
  • They approached their personalized job search with an optimistic + growth mindset
  • Most importantly, they showed up consistently

There are a lot of highs and lows in the job search process. More lows than highs, I would say. From missed opportunities to being ghosted, to not being selected for a role, to the angst that comes with the uncertainty.

So, when big wins like this happen, it’s worth an extra moment (or nine!) of celebration!

Speaking of the highs and lows of job searching, I’ve heard from too many people who say they feel like “a fish out of water” when navigating a purposeful job search in this ever-changing landscape.

With that, I would like to extend you a special offer — a monthly coaching partnership for those looking for expert guidance, accountability, thought partnership, and a dose of inspiration with their career situations.

Partnership details include:

  • Convenient 30-, 60- or 90-day partnerships available
  • One 60-min coaching session each month
  • Unlimited email communication & support (responses within two business days)
  • Quick tips, tools, resources dedicated to your unique career situation
  • Complete thought partnership throughout

Options + investment + link to register:

  • 30-day partnership $325 CLICK HERE to register and select a date & time for our session
  • 60-day partnership $600 CLICK HERE to register and select a date & time for our first session
  • 90-day partnership $825 CLICK HERE to register and select a date & time for our first session

This exclusive offer is open for registration until February 28, 2021.

Get All the Details Here

The way you nourish yourself — body, mind, and spirit — supports your lifestyle and how you show up every single day.

  • Winter is the BEST season to nourish with a hot bowl of soup. Lemony lentil soup is one of my weekly go-to’s. It’s super simple to make and is incredibly flavorful for lunch on a brisk February day.
  • Last season on Instagram, I shared weekly tips to transforming manic Mondays into mindful Mondays. Many of you responded and shared how much you looked forward to these tips. Therefore, I created THIS quick reminder for you. Mindful Moments — Eight gentle ways to help you reflect, reset, and remain present.

Jenn's Flourishing Favorites


Three Moments of Joy is one of my favorite guided journals. It provides a delightful space to REFLECT & list your three best moments from each day.

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When embarking on a new job search, keeping your beliefs positive is one of the best ways to make it feel productive. Check out the podcast Mastering the TOP 5 Mental + Motivational Habits 

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Career Clarity by Lisa Lewis Miller is a must-read. It's packed with relatable examples of a proven framework that can be used repeatedly throughout your career.

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