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 While you navigate your career and our ever-changing world of work, finding a supportive environment that enriches your growth is more important than ever.

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You're invited to join The Gathering Ground—our exclusive insider circle where careers take root, grow, and flourish.

In today’s ever-changing world of work, finding your way toward a flourishing career path can be daunting. That’s why I’ve created a supportive, high-touch community to guide you through every step.

Our beloved community members are career-minded and heart-based professionals (just like you!) seeking structure, objective support, insider knowledge, and action-oriented guidance.

If you are rethinking your path, we're here to help. This community will provide a lifeline and support with nourishment for navigating all the seasons of your career.


What Does Community Mean to You? 

Recently, I was asked what community means to me.

At first, I felt uneasy because, as an introvert, I tend to lean into alone time and shy away from “community” events or activities.

Then, I began to reflect a bit more on the different communities I’ve been a part of throughout my life:

  • Youth group and summer camp—best memories ever!
  • Friendly competition among my softball and volleyball teams in high school.
  • Lifelong friends from my sorority in college…shoutout to AEPhi! 
  • My yoga community, where I rarely miss a Sunday afternoon class.
  • Heart-based solopreneurs who discuss challenges and learn and celebrate successes together.
  • Career coaches and HR leaders to stay on top of the ever-changing world of work.

In my reflection, it became clear: I would never be where I am today without community. 

As I continued to think about it, I realized there was one time when I lacked community—in the early years of navigating my career. 

Of course, I had my family, friends, and friends at work, although it wasn’t the community I needed. 

So many times throughout my career, I wished I had an executive committee to advise my decisions. Someone who could give me an objective opinion but with my best interests in mind. 

I needed a community where I could brainstorm, share ideas, and feel heard by someone who “gets it.” Time and time again, I searched for that community… and fell short. 

So, I created the career community I always hoped for, The Gathering Ground.

The Gathering Ground is the place where we:

  • Provide practical guidance on career clarity, job search strategies, (comfortable) networking tactics, professional branding, resume refreshes, and LinkedIn profile updates.
  • Help each other through complex things like layoffs, being let go from a job, being turned down for an offer, and bridge job strategies. 
  • Celebrate new jobs, career changes, promotions, successful salary negotiation, and all the tiny but impactful actions in between. 
  • Share industry news, trends, and insights. 
  • Connect and encourage each other when stepping out to try something new.
  • Heartstorm (my new fav term instead of brainstorming!), new projects, career ideas, and paths.

At the heart of it all, community is why Flourish Careers exists, and that’s why I'm opening the doors wide after looking inwardly for quite some time.

The secret garden isn’t a secret anymore. You no longer have to be a Flourish Careers coaching client to soak up the value of our insider community, The Gathering Ground. 

Everything you’ve been looking for is available. Right here. Right now. 

Isn’t it time you go for it? 


Investment: $344 for your first season (12 weeks). Renews seasonally at $147, no minimum/max commitment; cancel anytime.

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