Springtime — Expand, Refresh, and Celebrate Everything!


Is it me, or does this spring feel exceptionally refreshing?

Finally! We're starting to peek our heads out from underneath an extended period of reflection + hibernation.

  • The sunshine feels warmer and looks brighter
  • Birds are singing louder
  • The scent of hyacinth fills the air of every single store I walk into

And yes, we're walking back into stores – this simple act in itself is refreshing!

The crisp energy of spring is something I always look forward to — a chance to realign intentions and fire up another new beginning. This year is no exception, especially as we move to the other side of the pandemic and put the pandemonium behind us.

It's always exciting to see signs of Mother Nature's growth in the spring, and this year, the added signs of growth in our local economies and within the job market are notable. Communities are convening again, and the number of job openings continues to climb upward.

In my opinion, this calls for a long-awaited celebration!

Join me in hitting the REFRESH button as we ignite the spark of a new season – let's push the past behind us, expand, and press on!

Speaking of celebrations, I've noticed a trend — more and more people are reaching out to me for help with a career change at the time of a milestone birthday. I've heard comments like, "I'm turning 25 or 30 or 40 or 50... I've always wanted to do this, and now is the time!"

  • Birthdays can trigger intense reflection & jumpstart action
  • Birthdays can provide permission to take a chance
  • Birthdays are also a natural time to make new resolutions

And frankly, because I absolutely LOVE being a tiny part of big career transitions + birthday celebrations, I'm giving you an exclusive offer for my signature coaching service — From Fried to Flourishing!

If you're craving a career change and need a kickstart, this is your nudge: Purchase this partnership during the month you were born in and receive $150 off!

PS — you don't have to wait for a big milestone birthday to make a career change. Life is in session!

There's something about springtime that ignites a spark to clean up and clear out the cobwebs #springcleaning. This year's crisp + renewed energy is an ideal time to spring ahead with your career plans.

If updating your resume is something you've been thinking about for a while, the wait is over! With the glimmer of a new season and the improved economy, now is a fabulous time for a resume refresh.

And you're in luck!

I've created a FREE Resume Refresh Kit, just for you:


Remember to stop and celebrate small wins!

When we're so focused on an end goal, sometimes we forget to slow down, notice, and celebrate the small wins. Experts have found that when we acknowledge tiny habits that we're proud of, we build momentum and encourage ourselves to keep going.

Speaking of which, it was such a fun surprise to find myself featured alongside other admirable professionals from all over the world in Thrive Global's article, "10 Small Wins That Have Helped Us Improve Our Well-being."

This article includes fabulous quick tips to help you nourish your body, mind, and spirit.

Which tip resonates most with you?

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